Custom Made Jacuzzi Covers From R 5 500

Custom Made Jacuzzi Covers

Blue Jacuzzi Cover short skirt

Blue Custom Made Jacuzzi Cover with short skirt

This Custom made Jacuzzi Spa Cover is actually sunken into the surrounding stone finish, With a part of it sticking out. Not the greatest installation idea as the rain water has the possibility of entering the sides. This Jacuzzi Spa cover does not seal the Jacuzzi underneath water tight. Thus, allowing for dirty rain water to enter the Jacuzzi.

Custom made Jacuzzi Covers are a little bit more difficult to make, as it is not cut from an original pattern. The more popular makes of Jacuzzi and Spa covers usually have patterns that get used everyday. Measuring your Jacuzzi, Hot Tub or Spa to get the right dimensions is very important. As a leading manufacturer of Jacuzzi Covers in Johannesburg, Gauteng we strive for perfection in an industry that demands perfection.