Jacuzzi Covers Johannesburg

Jacuzzi Covers Johannesburg

Jacuzzi Covers Johannesburg are manufactured from the highest grade, SABS Approved, materials and our workmanship is guaranteed.

The primary purpose of Jacuzzi and Spa covers are to provide insulation while the Jacuzzi is heating. It work just like when you try and boil a pot without the lid, it takes much longer.

Jacuzzi covers Johannesburg have many external factors that will determine the lifespan of the Jacuzzi and Spa cover. One of our biggest problems we have is the sun, which is relentless, to say the least. Marine grade PVC has a life expectancy of approx. 2500 hrs.

There are things you can put on your Jacuzzi and Spa covers that would extend it’s life marginally, like “Dubin”. Wiping your Jacuzzi and Spa covers with mentholated spirits to clean it now and again can’t do any harm either.

There are two types of Jacuzzi, Spa  and Hot Tub Covers: Indoors & Outdoors.

Although making your Jacuzzi and Spa covers from PVC for outdoor use, it is sometimes advisable to use the same PVC material for indoor Jacuzzi and Spa covers. The most important thing to remember is that the PVC material is water resistant and UV protected, but is far more durable than the synthetic leather Jacuzzi and Spa covers used indoors.

Jacuzzi Covers Johannesburg Prices

4 Seater Jacuzzi Covers +/- 1,5 x 1,5 – R 5 000 incl. VAT. Excl. Delivery

6 – 7 Seater Jacuzzi Covers +/- 2 x 2 – R5 500 incl. VAT. Excl. Delivery

8 – 10 – 12  Seater Jacuzzi Covers +/- 2,4 x 2,4 – R 6 700 incl. VAT. Excl. Delivery

Rim Flow Jacuzzi Covers +/- 2,7 x 2,5 – R 6 999 incl. VAT. Excl. Delivery